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The Company Affero's mission is to bring a culture of patronage to the Internet.

What is a valid cause for the Affero community?

Anything that our members believe in that furthers the common good. We do not require formal non-profit designations for these causes and as such we do not guarantee tax-exemption on the funding provided by our member patrons. A memorial for a departed family member or friend, a personal software project, a for-profit venture, or a national non-profit organization are all valid beneficiaries. Affero's distributed recognition platform enables all patrons and volunteers to share awareness about the causes they care about.

View our current list of beneficiaries here.

Recommend a Cause

You can recommed a cause for consideration for the Affero system. Before submitting a cause, please Join Affero and look through our list of beneficiaries or view the list above to make sure that your suggestion has not already been added to our system. If your cause is not yet available, please fill out and submit the form below.

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