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Overview Affero's mission is to bring a culture of patronage to the Internet.

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How can you help the Free Software Foundation with an Affero .sig?

Affero provides tools to inspire virtual action. Many users of Free Software don't realize how important financial contributions are. If every user of GNU/Linux gave $1 per year to the FSF, the FSF's financial resources would increase 40 fold. Affero can help to spread the word to communities of users who need to know and who need to help. If you help users out on mailing lists, forums, or inspire people through blogging, considering joining Affero and getting a URL to make it painfully simple for people to give on your behalf.

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Joing Affero - 3 Steps in 3 minutes:
Step 1 - Provide email address in the Join panel above left, Step 2 - Check email and activate account via web link in mail, Step 3 - Insert your personal Affero URL into your email signature and declare it as your home page URL in forums where you post.

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