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The Company Affero's mission is to bring a culture of patronage to the Internet.

About Us

Affero hosts personal web pages for authors, whether they are bloggers, writers, publishers, community hosts or individual forum participants that describe why they care about certain issues, which causes or organizations they feel need support, and a secured payment mechanism to facilitate impulse gifts from patrons who the member may have inspired or assisted in time of need. Affero also provides a historical record of ratings for the authors and their patrons. Each members' user-history provides a record of their contributions as perceived by other community members, including their history of writing, volunteerism and partronage. The personal web pages each have a unique web address (URL) that members can attach to email signatures, blog entries, articles, bulletin boards or any other digital work. All Affero members build community reputations through various interactions. Over time, these reputations can help facilitate a better understanding of the impact of an authors works, and hopefully inspire more effective dialogue for members in new and existing communities.

Affero, Inc., endorses the development and use of Free Software. Founded in 2001, Affero is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

The Affero project is supported by CivicActions, a Drupal consultancy.

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